A miracle of nature

Persian blue salt, a culinary gem, has a rich history and unique characteristics. Originating from the colorful Semnan Mountains in eastern Persia, this rock salt mine was formed more than 200 million years ago from dried up seas. This makes it one of the oldest salts in the world, because it has never been in contact with the air or modern pollution. It is still harvested by hand today to separate the rich blue rock salts from others, continuing a tradition from ancient Persia, dating back centuries. 

The salt gets its spectacular cobalt blue color from its high content of sylvinite, a potassium derivative, which makes it a very mineral-rich salt. By chance of nature, blue salt is a world exclusive that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, which makes it a culinary jewel specific to Persia, and a certain national pride.

Search for blue perfection

Golestan went on a mission to the mountains of eastern Persia, in search of the purest and most spectacular Persian blue salt. Thanks to our on-site experts, we carry out a careful selection, favoring sources and producers that offer an intense cobalt blue color, without any dilution with white salt, unlike what is often observed on the European market. This rigor in selection guarantees not only the visually stunning appearance of our blue salt, but also the preservation of its essential mineral benefits. 

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. We strive to maintain a reliable supply chain, as blue salt remains one of the rarest salts in the world, with only a few hundred kilos mined each year. This rarity makes it an exceptional product, and Golestan is committed to making it accessible to fine gourmets in Switzerland who seek to enrich their cuisine with this rare and precious salt. 

Health Benefits

Beyond its subtle taste qualities, Persian blue salt offers an impressive range of health benefits. Its high mineral content, notably potassium, iron and magnesium, makes it a particularly beneficial culinary choice for health. Very rich in potassium, blue salt can help maintain normal blood pressure. A better option than sea salt, which has a much higher sodium content and can cause high blood pressure.

In addition to its spectacular appearance, Persian blue salt offers significant health benefits, making it a truly exceptional product. 

The gourmet weekend

In cooking, Persian blue salt is a treasure for the taste buds. It offers a subtly salty flavor, mineral complexity, accompanied by delicate notes of sweetness and bitterness. This unique combination makes it the perfect seasoning to enhance a noble piece of meat, a delicate fish or baked vegetables, always leaving that amazing little blue trace. Our star chef partners appreciate it for its ability to enhance the most refined dishes and for its finer salting, making blue salt a real asset in haute cuisine.

For gourmets, the use of Persian blue salt will enhance your creations, while offering spectacular colors and a high-end saddle to your table. The soft texture and vibrant color of Persian blue salt make it an ideal taste and decorative element to enhance your creations.

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