Persian heritage

Pistachio, a national treasure, is deeply rooted in Persian rich history, where traces of cultivation can be found dating back over 7,000 years. Formerly reserved for the royal court of the Shah, it was considered the “nut of kings”. Persian soldiers regularly used it for its energy supply during the conquests of the Persian Empire. Over time, the pistachio continued to be revered in Persia for its benefits and exquisite taste, decorating family tables and enhancing Persian cuisine. Today, we want to share this passion and true cultural heritage with the Swiss market.

Atypical variety

The Persian region of Kerman is known to be the land of origin of Pistacia vera. A very capricious plant, it only grows in an atypical semi-desert climate. Thanks to the unique terroir and millennia-old know-how, the region today has nearly 500 different varieties of pistachios compared to one in the United States (the variety of which is ironically called…Kerman).

After numerous analyzes in partnership with our experts, we chose Ahmad Aghaei long pistachios. Distinguished by their generous size and naturally open shell, making them elegant and easy to enjoy, this variety offers particularly rich and complex aromas.

Traditional Persian roasting

Our roasting, according to the traditional Persian recipe, is based on saffron and lime, in order to enhance the authentic and natural taste of the pistachio, while limiting the use of salt (50% less salt than large pistachios). distribution. The Ahmad variety has a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids, which allows us to roast longer than any other variety, and thus bring out the taste of the pistachio more, while extending its duration in contact with saffron and lime. 

Wishing to respect the authenticity of our Persian culture, the harvesting process of our pistachio trees is done entirely by hand, in order to avoid the use of machines which damage the appearance of the pistachio and require the use of pesticides in the cultivation process when the pistachio hits the ground. Out of respect for the product and pistachio lovers in Switzerland, we therefore make sure to harvest our pistachios in the traditional Persian way. 

Opt for the authentic and traditional taste of pistachio, a trip to the Persia of yesteryear. Immerse yourself in the delicate world of Persian pistachio, saffron and lime, an incomparable experience for connoisseurs of fine flavors.

Le “healthy snack” par excellence

Perfectly in line with the current “healthy” trend, pistachio is possibly the most beneficial snack for your health. Rich in proteins, B vitamins and minerals, this nut is an excellent source of Omega 3, thus promoting the functioning of the cardiovascular and cerebral systems, and has great antioxidant power, which protects the body’s cells against aging. The salt content of Golestan pistachios is deliberately kept low to benefit from its health benefits, while offering the true Persian pistachio experience.

Green pistachios, for your unique creations

Peeled pistachios are classified according to the intensity of their green hue, which allows you to evaluate their visual appearance, their appeal and the intensity of the color they will offer to your culinary creation. Within this classification, our Golestan brand has managed to identify an exceptional variety, grade AA, which represents the most intense green color available on the market.

This product is the ingredient of choice for star chefs, confectionery artisans, and discerning gourmets. Its delicate green hides an explosion of subtle flavors, bringing a touch of elegance and refinement to each of your creations. In haute cuisine, it pairs harmoniously with savory and sweet dishes, adding a crunchy texture and a unique flavor. In confectionery, it is the secret of the most exquisite sweets, from pistachio chocolate to pastries with an intense green color. For gourmets, it embodies the essence of culinary perfection, an invitation to enhance your creations by exploring new flavors.

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