Celebration of Persian art

The design of our Golestan packaging is inspired by the splendor of Persian architecture, and aims to celebrate the incredible Isfahan Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Extraordinary mosaics that tell a complex and profound story of Persian faith, culture and art. This architectural marvel is a strong symbol of this Persian culture that we wish to celebrate and share with you through our products.

Packaging in Switzerland

We are deeply convinced that Switzerland represents a culture of excellence and a guarantee of quality for the products it offers on its territory, a reputation recognized internationally. As a Swiss company, we apply these same high standards to our business and our products, and we are proud to put forward our motto: “Persian Flavors, Swiss Quality”. All quality control and packaging processes for our saffron, pistachios and blue salt are carried out entirely in Switzerland. Likewise, for our caviar, our quality control and labeling process is carried out in Switzerland, only the canning of the caviar is carried out in partnership with a specialized laboratory in Germany.

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