Heritage in itself

Saffron provides the magnificent Crocus Sativus flower, which is one of the most luxurious products and researches in the world of gastronomy and food. At the heart of Persian culture for over 4,000 years, it echoes the grandeur of Ancient Persia where it was used as royal ink for the Shah, artistic pigment for painting and, of course, as a culinary spice. Historical writings also testify to its use in traditional medicine in itself to soothe pain, for its cosmetic virtues and its aphrodisiac power.

The quantity of flowers needed to produce 1g of this saffron is 150 to 200 Crocus Sativus flowers, highlighting the exclusivity and preciousness of this spice even more. This flower is carefully picked by hand to extract its precious pistils, one can imagine the degree of work and precision required to reduce such a quality of saffron.

In search of red gold

Our Negin saffron variety supplies the prestigious Khorasan region, recognized worldwide as the birthplace of saffron and responsible for more than 85% of global production. The mission of the Golestan brand is to share the extraordinary know-how and unique terroir of this region and to offer the most exclusive variety of saffron in Persia. For cella, we carefully explored the lands of Khorasan in search of the most refined and pure saffron in the region, meticulously selecting our producer directly at the source.

Thanks to the work of our experts on site, we have evaluated each variety according to rigorous criteria and analyzes in Switzerland to define the best saffron:

  • pistil length
  • intensity of red color
  • cutting the pistil, only the pistil without mixing with yellow parts of the pollen of the flower (without culinary power)
  • the level of safranal (aroma), crocin (coloring power), and picocrocin (taste)

After this methodological evaluation, today we are proud to offer you the absolute quality of Persian red gold, exclusively for the Swiss market. Its impressive length, its natural intense red color and its pure pistils without any yellow part of the pollen, testify to its superior quality and excellence. Its high safranal values, guaranteeing its powerful distinctive aroma, crocin, its golden color and picocrocin, its delicate flavor, make our saffron a spice of excellence, which will be appreciated by fine gourmets and starred chefs for its finesse and its ability to enhance each dish.

Dietary benefits

Beyond its taste benefits, saffron has undeniable health benefits. Saffron has been recognized for centuries for its soothing and curative functions for states of stress, to the point of being nicknamed “the spice of happiness” in traditional Persian medicine. A natural antioxidant, it acts as a calming agent against anxiety and stress, promotes quality sleep and even offers digestive benefits. It is the meeting between natural medicine and gastronomy, a spice that nourishes the body and mind.

A unique culinary experience

Now enhance your dishes with our Negin saffron from Persia, a culinary treasure that brings incomparable aromatic depth and richness of flavor, ideal for enhancing your creations. A floral fragrance that will take you on a journey to the Orient. Whether you are a gourmet or a star chef, Golestan saffron will enhance each of your creations and offer you an endless culinary discovery, towards excellence and refinement of cuisine. The intensity of its color, the depth of its aroma and the delicacy of its flavor make our saffron an undeniable choice for connoisseurs, seeking excellence, authenticity and quality above all.

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