Luxurious hotel

With numerous clients in the world of luxury hotels and hospitality, we understand the needs and challenges that a luxury hotel faces on a daily basis: offering excellence in all areas within your establishment and constantly offer a unique experience to your customers. Golestan sets similar standards to offer a range of products and services exclusive to the luxury hotel sector, and thus allow you to offer an unparalleled and unique culinary experience to your customers. Here is an overview of our offers :

  • Selection of Persian caviars for the luxury concierge service :

    We provide your concierge service with our selection of Caspian caviars and traditional Persian service to transport your customers into the world of caviar and experience a magical moment. Offer your customers an unforgettable culinary experience by allowing them access to one of the rarest and most luxurious products in the world, a refined delight loved by gourmets, synonymous with celebration and which makes every moment special. Our 10g tasting boxes of each variety of Persian caviars allow your establishment to easily offer a unique service of Persian caviars directly within your hotel or served in their room.
  • Private sales for hotel guests :

    Give your hotel guests the opportunity to purchase our world-class caviars within your establishment under unique conditions: tasting boxes, access to extremely rare and luxurious varieties of caviars to celebrate the holiday season. year as it should be. Customers who are gourmets and caviar lovers seek absolute quality, an authentic experience and the opportunity to access the rarest caviar in the world. This is what Golestan wishes to offer them, with your cooperation and support.
  • Persian caviar tasting events :

    Share the mythical world of Persian caviar with your customers and offer a memorable moment by organizing a tasting and discovery evening of Persian caviars. Let our experts guide your clients through the fascinating world of Caspian Sea caviars. During these events, we offer a range of 4 Persian caviars: Beluga, Ossetra, Sevruga, and Baerii. Each customer experiences a 10g tasting box per variety to feel the complexity and diversity of notes that each caviar offers. Our tastings are also offered in association with great Burgundy wines and exceptional champagnes, organized by a partner company specializing in luxury wines and champagnes, or directly in partnership with the hotel sommelier wishing to highlight your cellar .
  • Customer gift boxes :

    During the Christmas holidays, surprise your customers with our sumptuous gift boxes, containing the treasures of Persian gastronomy and luxury products which embody both the finesse, excellence and festive spirit of your establishment. Offer a selection of rare products that will surprise the biggest fans of Persian caviars.
  • Hotel shop :

    Enrich the offer of your hotel boutique by offering our selection of fine Persian products: caviars, pistachios, and spices in our Golestan packaging. So that your customers can treat themselves, during their stay, to a journey into Persian flavors.

At Golestan, we are committed to raising our level of excellence to offer unique solutions to luxury hospitality by offering unique experiences and exceptional fine products. Make each stay at your establishment a moment of unique pleasure and elegance thanks to our range of exceptional services.

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