Confectionery / Pastry / Ice cream makers

  •  Peeled green pistachio type A+ and AA+:

    With an unrivaled intensity of green, Golestan offers a variety of blanched pistachio never seen in Switzerland, the AA+ type offering a deep and intense green to your creations. This product will allow pastry and confectionery professionals to create unique taste and visual masterpieces, showcasing green pistachio in all its splendor.
  •  Saffron for your creations:

    We want to offer our high-end Negin Persian saffron to confectioners, pastry chefs and ice cream makers. This exceptional saffron can enhance a variety of creations, from chocolates to ice creams to desserts, adding a touch of richness and elegance for unique taste experiences. Offer unique creations in Switzerland, thanks to an elite saffron, matching the excellence of your establishment.
  • Pistachio in packet for your store:

    We understand that many of your customers are looking for exceptional products, particularly those used directly by your pastry chefs and confectioners, within your establishment. This is why we offer our blanched green pistachios as well as our saffron pistachios in bulk. You therefore have the possibility of integrating them into your homemade packaging, aligned with your brand and your identity, thus offering your customers authentic and refined products, and the possibility of also creating exceptional homemade desserts.

We would be privileged to be able to collaborate with these houses and are convinced that Golestan’s blanched pistachio is of a truly superior level to those currently used on the market. While remaining at a competitive price.

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