Trust Golestan to enable you to offer your customers new and inspiring propositions, thus creating real added value to your offering. We work closely with demanding distributors looking for exceptional products to satisfy their gourmet customers. Our mission is to provide tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs and inspire them to deliver excellence.

We understand that each distributor has unique expectations, which is why we are flexible in our offerings. Here are three ways we adapt our products and services to provide you with tailored solutions:

  • Golestan High-End Packaging:

    Our products are presented in premium Golestan packaging that evokes Persian elegance and finesse. This packaging adds a touch of prestige to each product, creating a captivating visual and usage experience for your customers.
  • Packaging Neutre :

    For businesses/distributors looking for neutral packaging to put their brand on, we offer our products in neutral plastic or paper packaging, with all the information on the product on the back if necessary. This allows our products to integrate seamlessly with your product range and identity, while maintaining our exceptional quality.
  • Large Quantity Products:

    We also supply our products in large quantities for your needs in this area. Golestan offers professional packaging allowing optimal conservation and logistics around our products.

Golestan believes that innovation and quality are the keys to satisfying demanding customers. Our partnership with distributors allows us to share our passion for exceptional products and to contribute to offering a memorable culinary experience to fine gourmets in Switzerland.

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