Gastronomic restaurant

The Golestan company has the privilege of working closely with several renowned gourmet restaurants in Switzerland, as well as with star chefs. We pride ourselves on providing products of unique and rare quality that inspire the admiration of these exceptional chefs, allowing them to create unforgettable culinary experiences for their customers.

Our range includes treasures of Persian gastronomy which are used with gusto and inspiration, to offer creations such as a saffron risotto or a flavored mayonnaise, desserts and confectionery based on blanched green pistachio, or even blue salt for create a spectacular salt-crusted fish or a unique saddler experience at the table. Each of our products is the result of meticulous work aimed at offering unique finesse and quality for haute cuisine.

Working alongside these talented chefs is a source of great pride for us. We provide tailor-made services to meet their specific needs:

  • Professional Quantity Products :

    We supply all our products in professional quantities and packaging aligned with your needs, guaranteeing constant availability and optimal conservation of our gastronomic treasures.
  • Professional Packaging :

    Our products, notably Blue Salt and Pink Salt, are available in high-end saddles, suitable for use in restaurants, to decorate and offer a unique experience to your tables.
  • Golestan Products in the Restaurant Boutique :

    Offer our Golestan products in your restaurant boutique, offering your customers the opportunity to take home a part of their gastronomic experience, products for gourmets only available in a few exceptional locations in Switzerland.
  • Organization of Caviar Tastings :

    We organize caviar tastings for your clients, offering 4 varieties of Persian caviars, accompanied by exceptional champagne and Burgundy wines to offer a truly unforgettable taste experience and a touch of sophistication to their gastronomic experience.
  • Persian Caviar Trio Boxes for the Holidays :

    For the Christmas and New Year holidays, we offer trio boxes of Persian caviars to integrate into your menu, thus offering an exclusive gastronomic experience to your guests, and to celebrate the end of the year in the best possible way.

Golestan understands the needs of haute cuisine and is proud to provide products that bring unique originality to your culinary creations, while offering a journey through time and the Orient to your customers.

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