At Golestan, our privileged partnership with Swiss delicatessens is much more than a simple collaboration. It is a relationship based on excellence, quality and personalization. We understand that each establishment seeks the exceptional to satisfy its demanding customers and must be able to count on trusted suppliers. This is why we have created tailor-made solutions for delicatessen and delicatessen managers.

When you choose Golestan as your delicatessen partner, you benefit from a full range of services designed to meet your specific needs:

  • The Golestan range:

    We are pleased to offer you our entire selection of products in their premium Golestan packaging. Our fine Persian products, meticulously chosen for their exceptional qualities and authentic flavors, are offered in packaging that draws its inspiration from Persian architecture. Each product is a work of art, reflecting both the Persian heritage and attention to aesthetic detail that characterizes our brand. We therefore offer a complete solution for gourmets looking for exceptional products and a real product experience when using them.
  • Delivery in less than 24 hours upon invoice:

    We understand the importance of freshness and immediate availability of products for your demanding customers and the daily obligations arising from commerce. This is why Golestan is always ready for you, thanks to the proximity of our warehouses and our efficient logistics. we promise to deliver to you in less than 24 hours, allowing payment on invoicing after delivery.
  • Golestan representative as contact for your store :

    A Golestan representative is specially designated for your store, he is there to answer all your questions, manage your orders and offer you personalized follow-up. Our commitment goes beyond the simple distribution of our products. We provide you with an expert from our product selection, allowing you to present our products optimally and to exercise your sales skills to perfection.
  • Decoration and POS Golestan :

    We offer you a range of Golestan decoration and POS (Point of Sale Advertising) to showcase our products in your delicatessen. Create an immersive Persian visual experience that will delight your customers.
  • Equipment for preserving caviar :

    Caviar is a delicate product, and we provide the necessary equipment to guarantee its freshness and optimal preservation in your store. We support you in product management and quality maintenance.

We are proud to be your trusted partner in providing your customers with an exceptional shopping experience and unrivaled quality products. Make Golestan the distinctive element of your delicatessen, offering the authenticity, elegance and magic of fine Persian products.

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